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Marilyn Manson: No Reflection

 Marilyn Manson released his new single, ‘No Reflection’ from his upcoming album ‘Born Villain’, proving that the heavy make- up aficionado has still got some spark left in him.

Marilyn Manson has released a new single, mysteriously called as ‘No Reflection’. The song is our first glimpse into the album, ‘Born Villain’, coming out on May 1.

No Reflection’ is a typical Marilyn Mason affair with jumpy riffs and synth abound. His voice, like a bony claw, jabs you into letting it in, occasionally giving some respite with the orgasmic Oh, ah ah ah ah, sucking you in, proving that Manson’s still got that strange hypnotic power that his old music had.

However, one wonders just what is ‘No Reflection’ really about? Did Mr. Manson finally chance upon a mirror and cracked it a little with his abundant make- up abuse? Did the twilight fame finally get to him (Edward Cullen has no reflection too)?

Whatever it is, the eccentric antichrist, known for his leather pants and absinthe, has shot down the rumours of him being in the last stages of his career. You can take a couple of ribs out of a man, but you cannot take the music out of him. 

Show myself how to make a noose

A gun’s cliche, and a razor too

I’m not a deathshare vacation, vacant station

Made of scars and filled with my old wounds

[youtube_video id=2pceoY3MS5E]

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