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Utsavi Jha doesn’t limit her poetic emotions in her new track Word Limit: Score Indie Reviews

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Singer-songwriter Utsavi Jha had began her year helming the power ballad Picnic, a song evoking a blues-rock sound. In her lates release Word Limit, Jha relies on a more laidback and slow-paced approach as she channels poetic songwriting and universally relatable notions on love.

The verses with nature-driven metaphors while also touching upon the limitations of communication in a relationship. Sometimes, a certain connection with your partner might fill you with a plethora of emotions but those emotions might not metamorphose into words all the time. As is evident from its title, Word Limit delves into such limitations that one might face despite wishing to speak up. 

So, rather than exploring any Shakespearean levels of romantic jargon, Jha follows a more realistic and (as mentioned before) relatable approach in her songwriting. Sonically, Word Limit is soothing and yet again bears testimony to Jha’s versatility. If she was bold in Picnic, she relies on a mellower sound over here.

But let’s jump to the finest part of Word Limit. In fact, the finest part also happens to be the one where Jha doesn’t even sing her lyrics. The intro takes its time to set the pace and the atmosphere as the singer starts vocalising. “Ooh ooh…” She keeps on repeating the intro over and over as ambient electric fingerpicking set in place a soft rock vibe. 

While one can argue that the song’s duration of five and a half minutes can test a few listeners’ attention span, she makes up for it as her vocalising returns in the closing seconds of the song. Despite its thematic freshness, a romantically-tinged track like this could have fallen prey to overdone cliches but Utsavi Jha’s comforting vocal abilities do prevent that possibility.

Verdict: Introspective, poetic, and soothing.

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