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Maati Baani – Garje Bijuriya Ft. Joyshanti is Tasty: Score Indie Reviews

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Maati Baani means the voice of the soil. The duo of Nirali and Kartik brew a mix of Indian classical, semi-classical and folk music topped with some delicious poetry and indigenous life philosophy. This incredible fusion pushes Maati Baani’s tracks across the globe where they acquire the delectable flavour of the lifestyle and culture of a different land with collaborating inputs from the music of the land that Nirali and Kartik selected through the internet.

Their wonderful concoctions are some of the most unique and fresh sounding music produced by any Indian artist. Yes, the concept of fusion music isn’t exactly brand new but the way Maati Baani go about fusing styles, music and culture is totally fresh and brand spanking new.

The duo behind Maati Baani, Nirali and Kartik, who both hail from Ahmedabad and are now making waves, have a great knack for capturing harmonizing musical sounds from all corners of the globe. The music that comes out of Maati Baani’s cauldron has the bewitching power of leaving all of its listeners spellbound. The incredible duo is back with a brand new offering of fabulous fusion music in “Garje Bijuriya” and that’s the track we are reviewing here.

Let’s not mince words here, “Garje Bijuriya” is a near perfect track. The stunning blend of keyboards, percussion, and trumpet is magical. That sonic magic flows on the backbone of a stunning bass line. Joyshanti’s French vocals add a tres delicieux flavour to “Garje Bijuriya”. The wonder is tied together by Nirali’s incredible pipes as she croons some deliciously folky lyrics.

Maati Baani is a band that never fails to do something unique in an incredibly enjoyable way. Kartik’s musical arrangement and composition are masterful. It takes a lot of skill to weave together such distinct styles of music into a palatable, enjoyable form. On top of the musical brilliance, “Garje Bijuriya” also comes with a fantastic music video. Its concept is really brilliant and it’s shot in a retro style with retro aspect ratios as well. It definitely adds to the song’s enjoyability. 

With “Garji Bijuriya”, Maati Baani has created the perfect fusion track which can be enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of their musical taste.

Verdict: Delightfully delicious.

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