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Maanuni and Brainsetter- Call My Name: Score Indie Reviews

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Maanuni and Brainsetter- Call My Name: Score Indie Reviews

Maanuni is a singer-songwriter based in Mumbai. She has been singing, composing and writing for background scores of Bollywood films and web series and also for independent projects and collaborations for the last seven years. She has recently released her debut single “Call My Name” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

Synthwave and cyberpunk seem to be quite popular these days and a lot of artists are jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to infuse their own music with elements of the retro-electro movement. A lot of artists just end up making an uninspired effort in order to appeal to the fans of the retro sci-fi sound. They fail to capture the flavour of synthwave and just end up using the dreamy textures to gain fans and traction within the media. These reasons alone are enough to appreciate Maanuni’s “Call My Name”. She is true to her electronic element and hasn’t merely latched on to a trend through her debut single.

Maanuni’s extensive work in the field of writing background scores is extremely evident in the sound exploration and depth of “Call My Name”. The wave of synth riding on top of mid tempo is brought ashore by Maanuni’s amazing vocal performance. She has the voice to die for and the singing chops to kill for. There is a whole lot of cinematic flair to the sound of “Call My Name” which lends itself very well to a fantastic music video.

The track begins with an underlying synth-line out of an 80s throwback film that builds up the anticipation. After about a minute and 10 seconds of this creative build-up and Miami Vice ambience, we arrive into a track with a wonderful and rustic beat that’s not all too powerful but not weak in any sense either. “Call My Name” isn’t a song that will destroy your speaker’s subwoofer or make you stomp your feet till the person living downstairs screams at you to stop. It is a track meant to be a chilling and thoughtful piece of action.

“Call My Name” is a complete package. It features great songwriting which is taken to the next level with flawless performances. Combine it with the amazing production of Brainsetter and you are bound to be blown away with what Maanuni has been able to achieve. She is definitely an indie artist whose name will be called in the future as well.

“Call My Name” is streaming on all popular digital platforms, add it to your playlist right now.

Verdict: A Dreamy Debut.

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