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Aditya Kalway’s Aasmaan Ke Raaz sounds mellow but feels comforting: Score Indie Reviews

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Aasmaan Ke Raaz is the latest single by classically-trained indie vocalist Aditya Kalway. While he’s mostly popular for his track Kalabaaziyan (released under Salim-Sulaiman’s Merchant Records), Kalway paints an atmospheric and calming atmosphere with this hidden gem of a track. 

The instrumental arrangement begins on a moody note as the lyrics delve into deeper notions of love and life. However, unlike a cliched love song in the indie circuit, his approach includes anyone and everyone who made the recent times liveable. 

The pandemic was naturally hard for all of us. In this context, the singer-songwriter wishes to thank his friends and family equating them to angels. In this manner, it is a gesture of gratitude and can be applied universally to anyone who has touched our lives in different ways. 

Despite the deep nature of the lyrics, the song has its comforting moments along with borderline lo-fi-like production. 

This only goes on to herald the age of main stream sounds incorporating a more sombre approach towards DIY production rather than the usual acoustic strumming that characterised indiepop at one time. In the end, Aasmaan Ke Raaz is a well-intentioned track with the perfect vibes for a late night listening session. 

Verdict: A soothing token of gratitude to an artist’s friends and family. 

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