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Lucky Ali Turns 53!

Lucky Ali turns 53 today. He’s always been a nomad, and for them, age truly matters. It’s almost as if he’s been at large for that long, and every year is a another experience. 

Born Maqsood Mehmood to renowned Bollywood star, Mehmood, and his wife, Mahelaka, Lucky Ali has had problems and hobbies galore. He might’ve had a narcotic problem and a tenous relationship with his Dad to deal with, but it was all overhauled when he released his first album, “Sunoh“, in 1996. The album not only yielded him a wife, Meaghan Jane McLeary, who acted in the video for hit single “O Sanam“, it also established him as the pre-eminent indie-pop artist of his time. That was formalised with a Channel V Viewers Choice Awards for Best Pop Male Vocalist the same year.

The husky voice and, to a certain extent, the lineage took him places too, with his vocals sought out for playback duties in Bollywood movies. He also had a fairly high profile role in “Kaante“, alongside several industry stalwarts. But Lucky moved on, once again going back to his music to come up with an album, Xsuie in 2009, which was released on the internet because he expressly wished to garner a wider audience and not just make money. He’s more of a freelancing performer for now, but for Lucky Ali, life’s never a straight road. 

Keep rolling on, Lucky man. We need someone to listen to when we get lost in the desert.

[youtube_video id=HFWjpYbLTjc]

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