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Lakshya Bhatnagar- “Sharaab Hoon Main” Will Lift You Higher: Score Indie Reviews

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The Bangalore-born singer and songwriter, Lakshya Bhatnagar is a popular voice in the Bollywood and Indie-Pop landscape. He is well known for his innovative blend of contemporary and vintage sounds. A combination of current and classic favorites across genres and languages, Lakshya’s songs bring an intense sense of emotions amongst his listeners which stays with them for a long long time.

Lakshya Bhatnagar tries to tell stories of his life experiences through his songs, in a way where the listener experiences exactly the same emotion. Whether it is through the words that you feel or through the music that you hear, you slowly get addicted to his songs. Speaking about addiction, Lakshya Bhatnagar’s latest track is about everybody’s favourite kind, alcohol. So let’s pop the bottle open, pour it in and start taking some swigs of “Sharaab Hoon Main”.

Before we start reviewing the song, let’s make one thing very clear, neither Lakshya Bhatnagar nor The Score Magazine endorses alcoholism. However, we do encourage you to enjoy responsibly. Now, that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get onto the song.

Some scientific facts first, when you consume alcohol, your brain witnesses an increased endorphin activity,  especially in the orbitofrontal cortex which is the decision making and reasoning centre. It also affects the nucleus accumbens, known commonly as the ‘pleasure centre’. Boring? Don’t worry, the bottle hasn’t even been opened yet. This was just us filling up the time it took us to bring “Sharaab Hoon Main” on your table. 

Now, as we open the bottle, we would like to talk about the fact that despite its proven cons, a controlled amount of alcohol can temporarily ignite a warm feeling, creating a space to rest our inhibitions and societal pressures, and let us taste the pure experience of euphoric fun. Sounds good? Let us pour “Sharaab Hoon Main” into your glass now.

The moment you take the first swig (hear the first few seconds of the song), you will realize that “Sharaab Hoon Main” is exactly about that. It’s a groovy, funky, bluesy, jazzy way of saying…  “Don’t think too much, just sport me and celebrate life”.

Here, let us refill your glass and talk more about “Sharaab Hoon Main”. When it comes to specifications, Lakshya Bhatnagar has dedicated this track to his favourite drink, Old Monk (you can see that in Yuvraj Bhatnagar’s art as well).

Thematically, “Sharaab Hoon Main” is about ‘letting your hair down’. It’s something that is necessary right now because we’ve spent over a year being dull and restrained. After a brief reprieve as things look headed towards locking down again, Lakshya Bhatnagar hopes that this song brings a lot of joy, groove, and ‘cheers’ to all the listeners.

Let’s pour another drink and talk about the performances on “Sharaab Hoon Main”. If you have been following the Indian Indie music scene recently, the vocal prowess of Lakshya Bhatnagar needs no introduction and on “Sharaab Hoon Main”, he is holding nothing back.

The rhythm section also does a fantastic job of keeping the groove up and never letting up. Aalaap Srivastava’s tasty bass licks and Sharad Nirmalkar’s wonderful guitar leads and solo, combined with the song’s incredibly fun lyrics are bound to lift your mood higher.

The track has been blended and brewed, oops we mean mixed and mastered by Yash Singh at Whitewine Studios. It sounds as smooth and flavourful as Old Monk going down your throat on a cold day (or any day).

The arrangement and production was done by Ankith Sinha at Red Square studios can be added.

Feeling the buzz yet? Of course you are. Thanks a lot for drinking with us. Now go feed your buzz by replaying the track many times over. 

Verdict: Intoxicating.

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