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Farq Hai by Lakshya Bhatnagar & Murtuza Gadiwala laments the souring of once-loving relationships: Score Indie Reviews

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According to Murtuza Gadiwala, Farq Hai celebrates everyone willing to do the hard work in love and deal with whatever changes occur in a relationship that stands the test of time. The song features a dynamic male voice to epitomize a revelation of pain and grit. It sucks when love changes for the worse, yet it remains worth fighting for, they say. 

 Jis yakeen ke sahaare,

Hum bane the humsafar,

Uss yakeen ka iraada kya hua?

There’s plenty to relate to here. Anyone who has experienced love knows the sting of seeing that distance growing between themselves and their beloved. It is an insidious form of personal loss, in which one sees a good thing slip away in almost complete silence. 

Farq hai,

Tab mein aur ab mein,

Farq hai,

Humaari baaton ke sabab mein,

Farq hai,

Haan, sach yahi hai,

Farq hai,

Hum ‘woh’ nahi hain,

Farq hai

Straightforward enough, the song gives listeners experiencing this particular form of loss a sonic shoulder to cry on. Lakshya and Murtuza give them something to relate to, and allows them to feel less isolated for a few minutes. 

However, the duo choose not to surrender themselves to despair, and end with a last-ditch call to bridge the distance and move back towards togetherness. It feels less like optimism, more like a Hail Mary pass to salvage a love that only one person is not willing to give up on. 

Isse pehle ki dooriyan,

Reh jaaye, yahin kahin,

Aa saath dhoondein hum,

Phir se woh wajah,

Joh zaroori thi kabhi.

Musically, the track is rather familiar. It works fine, but does not do much to stand out. The song is more memorable because of what it says, and will probably serve as a source of comfort to a few forlorn listeners. 

Verdict: Decent, but not too distinguishable. The song offers a sympathetic hand to desolate lovers, and captures a specific brand of solitary sadness. 

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