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Lady Gaga starts a social-networking website

Imagine a platform where all you crazy Lady Gaga devouts can get together and worship Her Highness?

Yes, dear readers, you read it right.

As if her music & dressing style weren’t ‘meaty’ enough (pun intended!), Lady Gaga has taken a huge step into the social media biz with her own social networking site –

With nearly 19 million fans a.k.a ‘monsters’ on Twitter, she’s vying to create a larger platform for them with this website.

Like Reddit, Digg, and other social platforms, it lets users vote posts up or down, bringing the most popular content to the top of the site.

Currently the website is under a beta-testing phase with registrations being invite-only.

Even with Gaga’s massive social-media presence (she was the first artist to hit 1 billion YouTube video views), it remains an open question whether a social site devoted almost exclusively to her fans will have a big enough user base to fly.

Stay tuned to for more on Lady Gaga.

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