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Lady Gaga Shines On The F1 night

The charm and the glamour never stopped flowing, once Lady Gaga deplaned in New Delhi for her one-off performance at the F1 after party. Sure, Metallica didn’t show up, and all the mayhem that ensued in Gurgaon seemed to be casting a bad spell on the proceedings. But once the first ever race weekend got underway, we knew the Indian love of festivities was hardly underwhelmed.

Mama Monster was an exquisite touch to it all, right from her press conference where she came by sporting a tricolor-styled beehive – though she inverted the color order – to her quaint photo-ops as the smitten tourist browsing through the local handicraft market. And all the promises she made came true once she stepped onto the stage for her performance at the race after-party, roundabout 2 am on Monday morning.

Dressed as what looked like an ancient Greek temptress, her visage was indeed a strange meeting of Gaga and Indian fashion philosophies like she’d promised; her coy bridal scarves distracting from her bejeweled leotards and fishnet clad legs. There were no masks or kitsch sunglasses, but Lady Gaga did bring along her microphone, which looked a lot like a penis. Though, in India, we wouldn’t dare say as much.

She was clearly under a spell, and as she took the grandstand piano to debut her fifth single, Marry The Night, from the album, Born This Way, she cast one over the audience too. How appropriate, since it truly seemed like a night a lot of those present might want to live forever.

[youtube_video id=06cyiI2hILo]

Clearly, we were not the only ones overwhelmed!

That’s only a speculation, but the Bollywood stars at the show sure had a raised thumb for Lady Gaga. Shahrukh recounted later about her, “She is very beautiful. I sat with her for two hours and exchanged thoughts on life. She is very deep, very honest and very sweet”. Now that was a whole lot of superlatives coming from a man who has a fair few attached to him.

The other performer at the party was Boy George, who came as his usual eccentric self, dressed in a yellow top hat and a jacket adorned with little puppies. He played his DJ set to great acclaim, before Lady Gaga stepped up for her much anticipated performance, which was yet to be the highlight of this pretty long night. 

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