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Lady Gaga debuts new song “Princess Die”


Lady Gaga debuts a new, melancholic piano ballad at her Melbourne concert titled “Princess Die“. Princess Die?

At her Melbourne concert held on June 26, Lady Gaga treated the audience and her ‘superfans’ with a brand new song titled “Princess Die“. A depressed piano ballad, Princess Die has already sparked controversy due to the title and the apparent reference to Princess Diana. During the concert, Gaga also made the spelling of the title very clear, D-I-E.

Lady Gaga on her Motorcycle Piano

Princess Die features some sombre lyrics and a generally sad tone. Gaga performed this song seated atop her motorcycle-shaped piano. Most of the lyrics talk about the death of a princess. The title hints that Lady Gaga is singing about Princess Diana, however the song has references to Marilyn Monroe and Gaga herself. Some of the depressing lyrics from the song:

Leave the coffin when I go / Leave my paws and lipstick so everybody knows

Bleach out all the dark / I swallow each peroxide shot

I wish that I could cope / But I took pills and left a note

Hmmm. This may very well be the saddest song Lady Gaga has ever penned down. Anyhow, check out an audience taped version of the original, world premiere of Princess Die and decide for yourself.

[youtube_video id=1owb5Xf-tQY]

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