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Kids React: Gaga, Rebecca Black & Numa Numa!


What Are Kids Thinking? ‘Damn, I Do NOT Wanna Turn Out Like THAT!’ 

What are we talking about? A YouTube phenomenon!

Kids React is a series of videos produced and uploaded onto YouTube by TheFineBros, who call themselves web creators. The show has its own panel of pre-adolescents, with ages ranging from 5 to 14, who’re shown popular videos online and asked to react to them.

It’s a great idea, considering how everything ridiculous is dismissed as teenybopper-fodder; a presumption this show puts to rest. Their reactions are more visceral, but they’ve enough aesthetics and cynicism tempering it.  

1. Kids React to Rebecca Black                              

Kids reacting to Rebecca Black uncovers the lie that kids are taken in if the sugarcoat is thick enough. They’re getting more cynical all the time, mostly because of people like Rebecca Black. So watch them lay into her for her song “Friday”.

[youtube_video id=enjLIK-zuUk]

The only kid who seems totally captivated by the delinquency of the song is little, gap-toothed 6 year-old Morgan. It’s probably the innocence that makes her go “Oh my God, I love this”, when shown a snippet. Most others end up feeling more mature, I suppose. 

2. Kids React to Lady Gaga

That’s great; kids of the 70s had Gene Simmons, in the 80s they had David Lee Roth and now, they’ve got Lady Gaga as the quintessence of their parents’ worst nightmare. And they’re always the most fun and instantly likeable of all scary things, which is why there is a steady line of them.

[youtube_video id=DPcudaoGwtk]

The girls love her make up, but the boys seem to like her more profoundly, although they aren’t too sure why. But 5 year-old Royel manages to look past the paper eating shenanigans of Lady Gaga on The David Letterman Show, and proclaims matter-of-factly, “Lady Gaga has some huge eyes”. 

3. Kids React to the ‘Numa Numa’ Guy

Gary Brolsma pretty much hit the YouTube jackpot. It’s a likely success for someone blessed with veritable lack of looks and self inhibition. The kids’ reaction to his viral ‘Numa Numa’ video is the purer, more distilled form of what he invokes in all of us; laughing and more laughing, to be followed by a sneaky feeling to join in the hand pumping dance.

[youtube_video id=zFeQh1-Yl8I]

Little Morgan actually springs off her chair to do her own jig on the side, while the more restrained adolescents can’t stop laughing. That’s a good precedent; these kids may now grow up into people who don’t take themselves too seriously 

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