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John Mayer releases his new single ‘Shadow Days’

Shadow Days‘, the love song extraordinaire John Mayer’s new single, gives you a glimpse of his personal life.

John Mayer has always been the in grey area between pop lovers and pop haters. His husky voice has the potential to make a nun’s toes curl, but so do most of the other decent pop singers. A ‘whole lotta love’ in the songs generally does the trick. But what sets him apart from other acts, is his surprising virtuosity on the guitar. Breaking free from the 4 chord pop songs myth, John is known for his dexterity on the fret board and some notable guitar shredding. For instance, 

[youtube_video id=hF2HAHaATs0]

Music lovers of every genre are slowly acknowledging, albeit grudgingly, that the soft spoken John Mayer is growing into a musical force, without even giving in to leather pants. His climb to this expert level can be summed up by his new single ‘Shadow Days’.

 I’m a good man with a good heart

Had a tough time, got a rough start

A typical John Mayer affair, ‘Shadow days’ is a soft melodic number with him crooning to some lovely guitar parts. The track however, has some heavy dark undertones to it. Not being a usual Mayer love song, it seems like something created out of personal experience. It talks about his not so good days and his gradual recovery from them.

Now I’m right here, and I’m right now

And I’m hoping, knowing somehow

That my shadows days are over…

 The song, although beautiful, is probably not one of his best ones. The music has something very ‘All we ever do is say goodbye‘ about it. It ends up sounding like a very half hearted effort.

Shadow Days‘ is a part of his new album ‘Born and raised’, which will be releasing on 22 may 2012. This will be John’s fifth studio album.

[youtube_video id=S4FC9iuftAA]

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