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Jhanvi Soni, Biju Nambiar– Stories Of Raw Love: Score Indie Reviews

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Hailing from Gujarat’s southeastern city of Surat, singer-songwriter Jhanvi Soni has been actively involved with music for some time now and has been writing and performing original songs for two years now. Even before that, she had been actively performing in local gigs and concerts.

She is a self taught artist who continues to get better every day. After a series of successful releases over the last two years, Jhanvi Soni is back with her latest single, a collaboration with Biju Nambiar called “Stories Of Raw Love”. Let’s find out how it is.

“Stories of Raw Love” features a slow, steady, building of tension that concludes in a masterful release of pace, in a beautifully written and produced track. Jhanvi Soni’s vocals have a lush, celestial warmth that is uniquely her own. 

With every release, Jhanvi Soni proves that her skills as a musician, singer, composer, performer and producer (she has co-produced the track with Biju Nambiar) have continued to evolve. She weaves wonderful music that entertains, fascinates and rewards. “Stories Of Raw Love” is a magnificent track that puts Jhanvi Soni firmly back in the spotlight, as one of the most promising indie artists to watch out for. 

Verdict: Layered.

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