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Aanchal Shrivastava and Abhijeet Sawant blend beautifully for Kabhi Chuppi Likhi: Score Indie Reviews

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Aanchal Shrivastava is slowly emerging as the new voice of indie neo-folk with her independent releases as well as her acclaimed rendition of Din Shagna Da for Four More Shots Please. But this does not mean that her vocal style is not suited for other genres.

Just take her latest single for instance. Kabhi Chuppi Likhi starts off as an acoustic number but then builds up with a slight hint of soft rock. The duet is a love song that might have been riddled with cliches but thankfully subverts these tropes with a calming sound.

The featured guest is none other than Abhijit Sawant, the winner of the first-ever season of Indian Idol. 2000s indie listeners would remember that Sawant even had a good start as a pop heartthrob with melancholic and introspective numbers like Junoon (from the album of the same name).

While he has dropped more singles since then, Kabhi Chuppi Likhi makes for a good addition to his discography. Both Sawant and Shrivastava’s voices blend beautifully for the romantic number.

The duration is also perfect as it clocks a little over 2 minutes and a few more seconds. Anything beyond that might be stretching the song to its melodramatic limits. While Kabhi Chuppi Likhi is comforting and melodious, some listeners might find it to be slightly slow-paced at parts. However, the guitar-driven production still ensures that the pace is running.  All in all, it is a great collaboration and showcases Shrivastava’s versatility further. 

Verdict: A comforting tune with repeatability.

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