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Jessie J goes Americano

After taking the UK by storm, Jessie J reaches out to the USA with 2nd single ‘Domino’. What’s your take – Cool or Crap?


Also catch Jessie J and her young Jessie-clone as they put bullies in place in the new video Who’s Laughing Now!

[youtube_video id=hIagkzpmJOI] 

In other news, when asked to pick the hotter one between fellow chart topper Katy Perry and hubby Russell Brand, Jessie J went the Perry way. She went on to express her affection for the California girl’s bosom. ‘She’s so fit, and has the most amazing face and boobs’, says Jessie J who is openly… experimental.

What can we say, We nod to your brand of hot, ma’am! Rawr!

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