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Himesh @ DA EGE of Glory

Breaking Boundaries With Music


Who Would You Rather See Putting India on The Music Map? Piggychops or Heemace (That’s Himesh in Gujju)?

Bollywood music man Himesh Reshammiya is slated to release an international album – @ Da Ege. Yes, yes, it is ‘At The Edge’ but he is a kewl gai & his style is lost out on geeks like you and I so don’t bother.

Moving on, it will come out in 122 countries around March 2011 and is supposed to be full on angrezi with 15 tracks. Rumour has it that the first releases maybe Bootyful or Dangerously In Love.

Can’t. Hardly. WAIT!

And who is helping him do this?

  • Roman White. Big Shot Director who has directed videos for artists like Taylor Swift (You Belong With Me), Carrie Underwood (So Small) & even the Beebs.
  • Vivek Singhania of Picture Perfect
  • Randy Brewer of Revolution Films.

International stylists Damian & Avigail will be revamping the man’s look. This is the same twosome that’s responsible for Rihanna’s makeover from androgynous hottie to red headed vamp. YEAH.

Himesh also happens to be the first Indian to have performed Wembley Arena AND the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam!

Here’s a video to remind you of why he is such a kewl gai.

[youtube_video id=LKVwMTZ6GDE]

Don’t want to take sides or anything, but after that slideshow, here’s hoping Priyanka wins the Race To Desi Stardom! Eyes eyes baby 🙁

But one can’t say. Looks like he IS after all The Man To Rock Da World. Don’t believe it?

Check out this Fb link:


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