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ASHWYN’s Deja Vu gives off retro vibes with a new-age sound: Score Indie Reviews

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Bangalore-based electronic hitmaker ASHWYN is all-set to surpass himself with every new release. His latest single Deja Vu only bears further testimony to this. With a strong retrowave sonic aesthetic, he builds an increasingly catchy tune that’s perfectly suited for late-night drives.
Reminiscent of 80s electro, Deja Vu’s best parts come out of a hauntingly ambient violin melody that plays at major portions.

There’s an eventual build up to a rousing guitar solo that again evokes the feel of a retro power ballad, crescendoing to yet another violin piece that serves as an outro. Thrown in the middle are verses that sound lyrically similar to the work of artists like the French electropop auteur Kavinsky. But the derivative sound of the vocals (with a half-human, half-robotic sound) only serves as a heartfelt tribute to similar songs from the past instead of an attempt to mimic them.

There is rarely a dull moment in Deja Vu’s 4-minute duration, thanks to the successive variations and the atmosphere nature of the track. 
Having produced songs under Hardwell’s label imprint Revealed Recordings, ASHWYN has proven his mettle as an EDM artist. Instead of formulaic bass drops, he had relied on multiple influences for ambient soundscapes. But at the same time, the Berklee graduate has had an perpetual interest in classical rock and was a trained guitarist in this regard.

Hence, a track like Deja Vu brings out the best of his both sides offering a mixed platter of electropop and classic rock flavours. If you are seeking a fresh new-age electronic track, then look no further. Deja Vu might ultimately give you a slight deja vu into similar-sounding releases but it’s still original and catchy enough to stand its own ground.

Verdict: An atmospheric track suited for late-night drives.

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