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Jay Sean Does His Bit For Piggy Chops

Priyanka Chopra’s much awaited pop debut has its share of associated rumor milling, which alternately abate and pick up following isolated quotes in the pulp media. But here’s the biggest scoop on its progress so far, as Jay Sean tells us about the three songs he’s written for the album.

Piggy Chops and the UK-bred pop icon got their groove on in LA, where Jay Sean recently relocated to. Who knows what kind of jamming took place in that studio over the weeks, but it all resulted in those three songs.

Though we haven’t been told what they’d sound like, Jay Sean sounded enthused about it, when quizzed in Mumbai recently while he was here to perform at a private wedding. “Nothing is more fun that working with friends. It only makes the product better. I would love to sing with Priyanka. I’ve heard her, she’s really good. And I know our fans would love to see that happening”.

He was also impressed with the actor’s work ethic, talking about how she knows her mind and her own image perfectly. He should know, considering they’ve been friends for a while, and he’s courted her multiple times to star in his music videos. While that might not have happened, he seems to have finally caught a break.

We can only assume their common musical leanings would lead to some RnB, Hip Hop busting out, which is in keeping with what Priyanka Chopra has been claiming since she started getting asked about her big debut.

Jay Sean will hardly be her sole collaborator though, and there will be/already are more cooks with their hands in the broth. We can only assume they will be suitably high profile, and good enough to give Priyanka Chopra’s pop dreams some confetti and magic.   

Watch this space. 

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