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Jane Getter With The Family Cheese – Live In Bengaluru!

Jane Getter, that raucous New Yorker with those jazz guitar licks, is in the neighbourhood. She will be performing at the BFlat Bar in Bengaluru, through the hazier and more fun parts of this Friday night.

The virtuoso, who was once described as “the fieriest fretboarding female ever to strap on a Telecaster” by Guitar Player Magazine, has been in the country since October. But her endeavors before this upcoming gig were more low profile, as she was busy teaching at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. We honestly hope she was able to impart those jazz tricks and picks to some of our own.

On Friday night, she will be performing with some of our own; her backing band at BFlat will include Saurabh Suman on bass guitar, Shyam Rao on the drums and Gokul on vocals. It’s Jane Getter’s way of imbibing the local flavor into her music, so lookout for some Indian gloss over her own rambunctious jazz staples.

More event details, here.

The fun is slated to commence early, as The Family Cheese get the proceedings underway. They’ve their own quirks and stories to tell, in between redefining the popular conceptions about electronic music with some hard-edged digitized hooks. Their propensity to improvise and feed off their audience’ clamour and support makes them a good bit of adrenaline pump-up right at the start.

[youtube_video id=V1DaVK1x4AY]

More mellow times

But the main course will still be Jane Getter’s long-haul guitaring and smooth transitions across the fret. We recommend that you definitely be there, with cleaned ears, and absolutely none of your outside-world worries.

To give you an idea of what Jane Getter usually gets up to at her concerts in and around NYC, with her jazz ensemble, Jane Getter Band –

[youtube_video id=Hm8U4Fv9eFg]

Score will bring you updates in case you can’t make it. But hello, you have 24 hours to cancel prior plans and make way for some Cheese & Getter! *mind voice* DO IIITTT!!!

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