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Jane Getter & Family Cheese at B Flat, Bangalore

Jane Getter, according to her website bio, is one of the most exciting and innovative guitarist/composers on the scene today (Full points of modesty, I say). And since she was performing at B flat this Saturday, your venturesome journalist went to be excited and innovated-upon.

First things first, Family Cheese was opening for her, who, in my not-so-humble opinion is, like, the Funnest band ever. So at eight thirty that night, we climbed up the fire escape that B flat calls its entrance and scammed the kindly bouncer to get in on the performance.

(Neil’s Notes: Why do pubs in Bangalore have such shady entrances? I swear there were like a thousand discarded beer bottles and five gas cylinders in my way. Is this some kind of crazy marketing stunt that’s supposed to make it look supersecretlyexclusive, or are you just out to get me, B flat?)

Family Cheese, of course, had stopped playing at that point, but Jane Getter soon took the stage with her SAM (Swarnabhumi Academy Of Music) troupe of performers: Saurabh Suman on bass guitar, Shyam Rao on the drums and Gokul on vocals. And she started playing, what Mihir calls, her rambunctious jazz staples.

And she was absolutely brilliant.

The Guitar Player Magazine has called her “the fieriest fretboarding female ever to strap on a Stratocaster”, and in my opinion she absolutely and totally earns that moniker. And words, as always, fail to quite capture the heart of the matter, we have videos!

So she did this:

[youtube_video id=ZXHfLKsQvbo]

And though most of the people there were your standard monocle wearing jazz lover- pardon me- aficionados, who probably taste wine in their spare time, all that  stopped mattering when she did this:

[youtube_video id=NXxhdMB2Q0k]

(Neils Notes 2: Hot girl with fender. That is the dream.)

For a bit, Gokul took over the vocals quite nicely. (Gokul the vocalist- Gokulist. That’s one of  Jane Getter’s btw. Sigh.) And more awesomeness kept happening.

So the bottom-line is, if you love Jazz, this was one of the best performances ever. So try and catch Jane wherever she’s performing next. The Score, as always, shall keep you informed. 

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