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Jagjit Singh concert signals hope for live music in Kashmir

Two decades of chaos and violence in Kashmir has brought an inevitable downfall in music and culture. However, Jagjit Singh braving innumerable hazards to perform at Kashmir University to a huge crowd, suggests that the winds of change are finally upon the valley.


Ghazals in the Valley

Wednesday saw Jagjit Singh perform at the Kashmir University, to a packed audience comprising largely of students. This was one of the maestro’s few recent concerts in the state, the last being in 2009. Over the past 20 years, the arts have taken a hit in Kashmir as cinema halls, music concerts, and video shops were banned by guerrilla groups across the valley.

The Concert

According to Times of India the concert not only proved the immense popularity of ghazal singing in the valley, but also the fact that no compulsion can force Kashmiris to give up their love for music, poetry and singing.

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