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Demonic Resurrection Part Of Brutal Beatings


Demonic Resurrection keep riding the crest, now as a part of an eclectic e-compilation, Brutal Beatings Volume 4 , by Sick Drummer Magazine.

After having played their first international shows in Europe in 2010, Demonic Resurrection can’t seem to stop copping all the attention and glory, although belatedly enough.

After having struggled through the major part of their 11-year-old career, they seem to now be winning acclaim for the pioneers that they are. It follows the general expansion of the death metal circle – and independent music in general – in India. A lot of these new kids on the block would probably count Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija, DR’s relentless frontman, as a personal icon; one of the few who walked the talk.

The album is available as a free download at:

Other death metal heavyweights, like Death, Krisiun and Norse, are featured too, so it makes for one caustic soul churn. Get right to it. 

[youtube_video id=d1gjrpMF5ak]

A taste of DR from their album, The Return To Darkness

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