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Interview: The Yellow Diary

The Yellow Diary is an Experimental band with influences ranging from Bollywood to metal aimed at creating a perfect blend of numerous genres. They are not specific to one language but love to experiment and produce different experiences.

We had a chat with the band on their start, their musical influences, upcoming projects, changes they would like to see in the independent music scene and more.

How did the band come about?

It all started in 2015 when Rajan met Himonshu via a common friend to get a track produced. From the first meeting itself there was an overwhelming musical connection which made them want to make music together all the time. After coming up with the name The Yellow Diary, we decided to rope in Vaibhav Pani, for his unique sense of guitar playing and creative outlook. He came in and recorded his guitar parts on Marz, and it was just amazing! Himonshu knew Sahil was the perfect fit for the band with his feel, style and technique and gave him a call after Bawri Chori was released when we decided it was time to start planning a way ahead to go Live on stage with our music. Sahil introduced us to Stuart, which is why we love Sahil even more, because Stuart is a wholesome musician with an intricate combination of technique and musicality. Once the five of us got together in the Jam room, the band felt complete. The thing we loved the most is that we turned into a family really quick, and it is our five contrasting personalities that gives our music a varied yet cohesive character.

We all come from different musical school of thoughts. And there was a magical chemistry amongst us from the first moment on in and out of the studio. That combination lead to the kind of music we make.

How do you pick your genre for a particular song?

We don’t go into any song having a preconceived notion of what the genre should be. The meaning and vibe governs the music. It’s a creative process of painting the vibe of the song musically because each song has a different meaning lyrically and they come across sonically different from each other as well.

Tell us a bit more about your band members and your musical influences.

Being 5 very different individuals working towards a common creative output is a unique experience. As contrasting as our personalities are, it leads to a fascinating cohesion in the music.

Rajan Batra, the lead vocalist and lyricist for the band, is a modern day poet drawing inspiration from everything he sees around us or experiences and translates that into beautifully crafted lyrics and melodies.

Himonshu Parikh, the music producer and keyboardist, has a very unique musicality and strongly believes that the root of every song is it’s meaning and treats every song in it’s own unique way creating an original and fresh soundscape for the band.

Vaibhav Pani, the guitarist, has a rich melodic palette, using his guitars in innovative ways to add a beautiful emotion to each song.

Stuart DaCosta is on bass, and his faultless technique and inborn groove adds a rich rhythmic characteristic to the music.

Sahil Shah, the drummer, is a powerhouse on the kit. His expressive yet intricate playing, does wonders in controlling the dynamics of the music.

Which has been your best performance till date and why?

Every performance has its own story. We have seen ourselves grow since our first show as an indie band to our last show which we played at the grand opening of Flyp@MTV as a Sony Artist. It’s hard to pinpoint one favourite show, because we are a self-critical bunch who only look at getting better each time we perform. So, to answer your question our favourite show is hopefully always going to be the next one!

Tell us about your upcoming projects, if any.

We have been working on a lot of music and we are looking at some near future releases and with Sony Music India on our side, we can only hope for the best!

How do you guys beat the ever growing competition of Independent bands in India?

We believe all the Independent bands in India are working together with a common goal of providing the country with good music. We see them more as partners in our efforts to achieve this endeavour.

If there is one thing you would love to see as a change in the current scene, what would it be?

We think the scene is already changing with the onset of social media. A whole lot of talented independent artists are putting their music out there and being received well for the same. We love that we are a part of these times and hope to make our mark.

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