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The nightlife of India is by far one of the most colourful ones across the globe. The varieties of couture, fashion and music compliments the diverse culture that the country boasts of since the beginning of time.

But, when the party gets started and the floor is hit harder it is not only the big bad boys having all the fun, cause the queens are here to break the beat all the more like never before. Let us check out the meanest female DJS who are the most sought after dope lines in the Indian nightclubs of the day.

Dj Pearl is an amaze ball from the lusty land of Goa. Her music will make you sink like one would drown in sand. Hailing from a family of musicians, Pearl shot to fame with her euphoric originals and ‘ready to bounce’ peppy boot straps. She is already an iconic addition to the long list of women disc jockeys but she along with her husband has taken the onus of pulling up the socks of the upcoming DJs by hosting the much needed indie music festival called Submerge, which is certainly the best screening test for the new tribe of electro musicians.

Dj Shireen started out as a bubbly eighteen year old jockey but she never grew old in the next decade and still continues to enthral an audience with her highly intoxicating progressive electro house numbers. She has hunted down many Bollywood tracks to reincarnate them into blood boiling dance numbers.

DJ Dallas Kandi will make you shake it like there is no tomorrow. The sizzling music of Kandi bears the warmth of Delhi and the smartness of an America returned model and actress. Her music is as carefree and bold as Kandi’s character itself. She will make sure that you dance till you drop and to that she peppers up a normal loop into a smoking hot pot of high octane.

Dj Arlene Maria Gomez comes first in line in most lists that feature female DJs from India. Not only was she a first lady of disc jockeying from Bangalore but also she turned out to be the first female DJ to be featured on the Djette website. Our civilization boasts of a high voltage broth of techno house and EDM but Maria has never trodden the easier route, and with music she certainly did not take the silk route to popularity. Because with her, experimentations has been the constant inspiration, thus you will always find her trying a little bit of progressive seasoned with a pinch of reggae, funky and hard pop. It is only after that, that she breathed easy and made you applaud in admiration for a cult piece of art.

DJ Ashrafi will not make you love her, but will make you adore her for the ingenuity that she brings into some of the Bolly tracks that we have been grooving to for ages. She has been an ardent lover of music and had always wanted create something of her own. So she aimed at becoming a sound engineer. But, then she found her calling on the console and then there was no stopping for her or the head bangers around her. This lady has won the war of the DJs already; and is all set to gild any mundane track to a piece to be upheld for posterity.

DJ Megha has an inspiring story of starting out early young and getting; being the mistress of the trade pretty soon. She is one of the few who have mastered the art of fusing the trending urban sound of music into the staple crop of hard core main stream Bollywood and hence she is one of the few reasons that she is so conveniently part of the golden orb of Djs in India.

DJ Angel started off as a prodigal talent who could drum the beats like its cakewalk, but she grew up to a household name in Bollywood for her pleasantly successful as a mixer in popular films of Bollywood. It has been almost a decade now that she has been busting the charts and trending at all the nights that are meant to be outright mean.

DJ Rink brings the perfect feast for your weekends with her sleazy teasy mix of bhangra and kickass house punk. She had earned the legacy of getting the cricketers rollicking on her songs at the IPL parties and she has seen her success through her albums but she has yet to be intimidated by the glamour and glitz of many on this list, cause she can get real mean with that spinning disc on her console.

DJ Kryll Kryller is the queen of nightclubs at Goa and she has been an intriguing artist throughout her career which started off as a fascination for psy trance at the mere age of 14. She is known for her infatuation with deep progressive besides the heat of the obvious EDM and house music. Kryller is one from this list who will sense music at the slip of a leaf and turn it into a party anthem.

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