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Interesting Monsoon Raagas to hear this World Music Day Season – Score Short Reads

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. With light drizzles, dark clouds, chilled breeze- there is no better time than monsoon to relish classical music. The beauty of Indian Classical Music is- there are raagas for every season to feel and get enthralled. Interestingly, the world music day coincides with the monsoon season and Score magazine brings you the list of interesting monsoon raagas to hear and feel the rain musically:

  1. Amruthavarshini: True to the name, the raaga is a beautiful monsoon raaga. The legendary composer Mt.Dikshitar composed Anandamrutavarshni which led to rains in a draught area. Relish the composition this rainy season and grab a cup of hot filter coffee to watch the rain!
  2. Ramapriya: Very rare and surprising, Ramapriya is a majestic raaga that is perfect for monsoon listening. Muttuswami Dikshitar’s Swaramyaham Sada Raahum is a lovely composition in this raaga. Dr.M.Balamurali krishna has composed a varnam in the raaga as well.
  3. Madhyamavathi: Also known for auspicious occasions, the counterparts of Madhyamavati in Hindustani such as Shuddh Sarang and Madhumat Saarang are also beautiful monsoon raagas. With ample number of compositions in this raaga chain, one can relish some beautiful monsoon evenings listening to this raaga.
  4. Naata: With its royal nature and beautiful full scale rendition scope, Naata is a wonderful choice for monsoon listen. Naata Raaga has some greatest compositions such as Jagadanandakaraka – the first pancharatna kriti penned by Saint Thyagaraja.  Muttuswami Dikshitar’s Maha Ganapathim is another amazing composition in this raaga. Its Hindustani equivalent Raag Jog is also something that cannot be missed in this season!
  5. Megh:  Literally meaning the cloud, Megh is a fantastic Hindustani raag that brings the visual of lovely drizzle. The swiftness of the raag can be relished in an elaborate aalap. Enthrall yourself with a magical rendition of raag Megh this monsoon season.
  6. Mohana: Though Mohana (Hindustani parallel Bhupali) may not be a direct rain raaga, the sweetness of the scale brings vision of swift monsoon drizzle. Whether in Carnatic or Hindustani style, Mohana is always classy and brings in instant beauty to the listener. 
  7. Miyan Ki Malhaar: A marvellous monsoon raag, Miyan Ki Malhaar brings rain even at the sunniest of the days. The raag’s suave progression resembles beautiful rain and dark clouds. 

Monsoon is a wonderful season especially after hot summer days and music is the best way to relish the season in the mind’s eye. Listening to these amazing ragas just by closing eyes brings the visuals of black clouds, chilly winds, and breezy gardens. So , grab a cup of filter coffee, rejoice the monsoon evening by listening to a suave aalap of Rashid Khan in Miyan ki Malhar or Anandamruta Varshini in Chitti Babu’s Veena to get the best feels of monsoon. 

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