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Greatest Contributors of western classical music- World music day special – Score Short Reads

Western Classical Music is rich and adept in history with hundreds of greatest contributors who made their mettle by bringing in innovation and relish-worthy compositions. Along with mesmerizing arrangements, experiments and new ideologies, they made western classical music a better place to relish and appreciate. These maestros will be remembered forever -thanks to their invaluable contributions to the world of western classical music. On the world music day month, Score brings you the greatest maestros who contributed to the genre:

  1. Mozart: The first name in the world of western classical music is obviously Mozart for his fantastic compositions throughout his life. Every arrangement of Mozart is unique, and the compositions have the stamp of the composer.
  2. Beethoven: Being partially deaf, Beethoven is a legend by himself when it comes to western classical music. His Symphony no.7 is one of the greatest compositions ever made. Beethoven’s hundreds of compositions are a treasure for western classical musicians and students.
  3. Franz Schubert: A German native, Schubert has his own way of perception when it comes to compositions. Do not miss Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony which has become an inspiration for many composers for centuries.
  4. Claude Debussy: With a unique perception of western notes and arrangements, Debussy has earned many fans around the globe for his compositions. The magic lies in strong sections and bass lines.
  5. Joseph Haydn: A lesser-known western classical composer; his works are fantastic to hear. With crazy melody lines supported with a strong string and bass section. Do not miss his compositions and to be clear- Haydn’s compositions are not for faint-hearted.
  6. Frederic Chopin: A virtuoso pianist belonging to the romantic period, Fredric Chopin’s compositions are soft and soothing to hear.  A Polish composer, his work is breathtakingly melodiously. He is primarily known for being a solo pianist. 
  7. Edward Elgar:  An English composer, some of his best orchestral works include Enigma Variations, the Pomp and Circumstance Marches concertos for violin and cello.  His violin concertos are amazingly soothing to the heart.
  8. Richard Wagner:  Richard Wagner is a German composer and a theater director, and an opera music director. His compositions are known for rich textures, great harmonies and orchestration. He is mainly known for using leitmotifs for establishing plot elements in operas and musical dramas.
  9. Richard Strauss:  A German composer, conductor, pianist and an accomplished violinist.  Belonging to the late Romantic and early modern eras, Strauss composed two symphonies Lieder, Violin Concerto in D Minor, , the Horn Concerto No 1 and his Oboe Concerto is another amazing listen.
  10. Antonin Dvorak: A Czech composer, he frequently composed rhythms for folk music of Moravia following the Romantic era of western classical music. His compositions are swift, appealing and breathtaking to hear.

This world music day season, listen to the best of these composers and celebrate the magical world they created for us in the form of music. 

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