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Indie Music Reviews- Mali’s Age of Limbo makes for an inspiring quarantine anthem

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The coronavirus has definitely put all concerts to a halt. But musicians aren’t stopping, and are instead using the quarantine period to churn out one quarantine anthem or the other. Mumbai pop artist Mali is the force behind one such song called Age of Limbo. Much like Mali’s previous work, this song too brings out a unique electro-pop sound in her music. The ambience and her voice feel heavy and somehow soothing at the same time.

While the lyrics don’t seem to have that much of a unique flavour, it’s her power packed vocals and Arnob Bal’s production that leaves an impact. The crowd-sourced video is amusing to watch as it captures various locations from all over the world that are empty, as people dwell inside in uncertainty.  

The chorus especially, where Mali welcomes her listeners to an ‘age of limbo’ stand out creating an aura of drama and ominousness. Everything seems to be at an uncertain standstill right now, and Mali seems to capture that well with a certain optimism.

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