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Indie Music Reviews- Hope (MANUEL ∞ TINCRÈS PROJEKT)

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 With everyone locked in and staring at screens, monotony has become a global buzzword. If nothing else, humans need art now more than ever before. Since boredom is the death of the mind, art clearly serves as the healing elixir. 

Seen through the lens of wildly experimental minds, such elixir becomes the cause for immense fascination. To call guitarist Adil Manuel‘s new project, in collaboration with Reunion Island drummer Allan Tincrès, fascinating is a shameful understatement. It is downright explosive. 

Having met Tincrès at a French festival in 2009, Adil was immediately amazed by the former’s infectious blending of Reunionese and Afro Cuban rhythms. In their debut track together you hear these influences take centre stage, thus turning Hope into an Afro-jazz experimental alloy that relentlessly teases and astounds. 

Joined by other musicians from the Reunion Islands, the track is a shining example of world music. Manuel’s buoyant riffs are balanced by Tincrès’ paced, powerful percussion. The drums act as a kind of pivot, offering the axis on which all the sonic elements merge. Flautist Christophe Zoogonès builds melody with sheaths of sound that reel between dissonant and serene. Plump, quirky beats are introduced by bassist Dahel parts while keyboardist Giovanni Velleyen takes his sounds to unpredictable places, keeping the listener forever on their toes. 

The music is undoubtedly optimistic, building on major chords and soaring until it reaches a wheezing crescendo. Symbolically, this musical zenith is a reminder of hope, which surpasses all human adversities and inspires progress even in the darkest of hours. Given that such musical mind-fodder can be crafted without the musicians working simply on the internet, there is reason to believe that not all good things are lost. 

Speaking on his baby, Adil says ““Hope” is a feel good hook based instrumental that brings out the core’s jazz- fusion/world music influences.If you’re not humming the tune out by the end of

It or start imagining hearing voices singing the last chorus, the drinks are on me post lockdown :)”

You are highly encouraged to take up on his offer. 

Enjoy the video here:

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