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Indie Music Review- Nitika Kurian’s Blue will give you some good lo-fi ‘blues’

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If there’s a playlist for “Indian Indie tracks to be heard”, Nitika Kurian’s Blue needs to be added in it right now. An emerging R&B songstress from Chennai, Kurian’s latest single is called Blue. The color blue in itself has been associated with mellow tones and that’s what this song seems to embody.

A glimpse at the artwork for the single shows you an influence of lo-fi VHS effects. When the song opens with her gentle crooning with a cassette player-like filter on her voice, the listeners can figure out the lo-fi ambience right then. Kurian’s vocals blend perfectly with the lo-fi production and some smooth guitar picking. Just over two minutes in duration, Kurian effortlessly sings about the “sunset” and the “ocean”, setting off a calm aura. This is a song that makes for perfect listening on the headphones late at night, away from the usual chitter-chatter of the day.

Lo-fi and vaporwave-influenced tracks are just making a start in India’s musical scenes and most of them seem to rely heavily on auto-tune. In Blue, Nitika just blends her simple, melodic verses that seem to be taken from an acoustic indie pop song. Even if she stuck to making Blue an acoustic Indie pop song, it would have still sounded good enough. But the whole lo-fi flip to it elevates Blue to be of a fresher, newer sound.

Listen to the track here-

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