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Indie Music Review- Fallin’ by Pragnya Wakhlu

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In Plato’s ​Phaedrus​, Socrates calls “love is a madness.” At the same time, he also calls it one of the greatest gifts that a human could receive. As the history of art will demonstrate, every word of this paradox is true.

In Pragnya Wakhlu’s new song, she embodies the contrarian nature of love. The song is about the motional fallout of an unrealized relationship. Sung with a dreamscape-y musical palate, it is an honest confession of someone made weak by unrequited love. The song pinwheels between despair (​“Sometimes I wonder if I’ve fallen too deep/Have I ..fallen too far?”) alienation (“I know it’s something you don’t wanna deal with/Maybe it’s not the time”) and possibly misplaced hope (“But when you kiss me reason seems to flee”Would you come back for me somehow?”)

In other words, the song is a reflection of the human heart in love. Listeners might find their sadness (old or new) being echoed. If not, they will be charmed by a beguiling balance of Wakhlu’s wistful vocals, muffled bluesy soundplay and a seductive, dripping saxophone.

The track is aptly named. Love, especially unrequited love, does feel like a descent into darkness. Wakhlu’s musical sensibilities symbolise this sensation by stitching up a soundtrack to the state of “limbo”. Imagine that you are floating in a life that provides no answers, and you are anchored to a love that refuses to soothe, comfort, reward or ever acknowledge you. Then, the song will ring true.


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