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Indian thrash metal giants Theorized debut new song

‘Genetic Variants’ is the first single from their full length album which is expected circa December 2011.

As a follow up to their highly succesful 2009 EP ‘False Hope of Tyranny’, Theorized have released the single which pretty much serves as a ‘teaser’ to their full length album. Ranging from Melodic to old school thrash to the earliest Death with the slightest hint of progressive, the band shows evolution in songwriting and have found their sound on record. A concept album is expected considering the lyrical content of the single.

Score’s quick take:

The Highlight
Improved Songwriting and hooks. Guitar leads well structured.

The Let down
Drums and bass do not sound whole. 

The Last Stand
Professional Sound. Vocals could do with more melodies and less growls for their style of writing.

The Score Score

 Listen to it here

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