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In conversation with Pinch ahead of MYSA

Gently Altered and Nariyal Paani have come together to present the debut edition of Mysa, a boutique destination festival which is a celebration of music and nature amidst the lush greens of Forest Hills at Tala. The thought behind Mysa germinated to celebrate the boundless beauty of nature- a feeling that disconnects one from the mundane and connects one to the other and oneself, deeply and completely.

We had a conversation with Pinch, one of the pioneers of dubstep music ahead of the much awaited festival.

How did you first discover your sound?

I’m still discovering! It’s an on-going process. A lot of what I’m trying to do is to bring influences from techno, jungle, uk garage and later dubstep and grime and present them in a new space.

You are performing at the MYSA this year. What’s on your set list?

I never plan a set, I always find it better to work with the crowd and take them on a journey. First thing is to capture people’s attention, and then you can travel! I have some VIP versions of a few of my well known tracks and lots of good, unreleased music to play to make the set special.

Tell us a little bit about your tech set up and the tech you swear by.

To make music I use Logic, and I have a Soundcraft 24 channel LE Ghost mixing desk, some fx pedals and my baby – Imperial Labs Distressor compressor which is an amazing tool for making sounds more effective as punchy.

What can festival goers expect from your music?

A dynamic set that encompasses a variety of moods around the perimeters of techno and progressive UK bass music

Your message to artists in your genre.

Believe in what you love and love what you believe in.

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