Getting Candid with the Contemporary Composer Duo- Sachin-Jigar – Score Short Reads

Getting Candid with the Contemporary Composer Duo- Sachin-Jigar – Score Short Reads

Creating a unique sound and music brand especially in today’s competitive market is not an easy task at all. With tons of talent around, the unique brand making when it comes to Bollywood and off-beat Indian music needs lot of efforts, brainstorming along with good ear for what clicks and what exactly is happening out in the world of music. 

The two masterful gentleman Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya have proved their mettle as film music and off beat music composers- who have a different edge altogether.

After working as orchestrators for the popular film music composer Pritam Chakraborty, they rose to prominence by being a musical duo that gives a thump as well as striking the heartstrings in the right strokes with their series of successful project.

With their close association with impactful filmmakers Raj and DK, Sachin- Jigar made waves with their latest offering even in OTT with a song in Family Man Season 2.  Their music is pleasing as well as scintillating at the same time for the listener- taking unusual , but beautiful roads to bliss.

Here is a candid conversation with them presented by the Score Magazine:

Hello Sachin- Jigar , we are pleased to talk to you.

Thanks a lot. The honour is ours.

We love the Family Man Title track. Shreya Ghosal and Mellow D have lent their voices and Jigar and Mellow D worked on the lyrics too. Tell us about this project and how did this happen?

Sachin: When it comes to Raj and DK, it is never a straightforward path. They love their paradoxes and the name “The Family Man” speaks of it all. We always get lot of room to do something perky and funky, because there is such amazing scope.

The whole thing in our head was to keep Indian traditions alive through a riff, by making a riff that includes traditional Sitar with Hip-Hop beats. They only gave us a particular line “ Kis Ke Liye Tu Jaan Dega “( Whom would you sacrifice your life for!?).

In the first go, it was so different when linked to the lead character of the series- who plays the role of a secret spy.  

Jigar: As the song’s lyrics say, we live for many things and there is lot of a purpose in the life. The entire thought behind the song is quite crazy. When Shreya Ghoshal’s voice comes in, it is all magical. 

The song is a multitude of many aspects. As we were inching towards finishing the song, Sachin came up with the idea that the song cannot end without a high. That idea led us to churn out a semi-symphony part that’s like a part contemporary symphony. 

We wanted to make a theme with lyrics because we strongly believe that lyric plays an important role in a song and narrating a story. 

We are so glad that Raj-DK made us stick to our exploratory side. The rap sounds so beautiful as well. Though they are south Indian at heart, they brought an amalgamation of Indian Music altogether.



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