In conversation with Nithya Rajendran: Score Short Reads

Nithya Rajendran is a dual Indian Classical vocalist in Hindustani and Carnatic music with over 3 decades training. She is founder and curator of Music Vruksh, an initiative to spread awareness and appreciation of Indian Classical music for its aesthetic, spiritual, wellness and transformative potential.

What drew you towards wellness through music?

Having been a vocalist for over 3 decades, classical music and singing were more than familiar. But how the wellness dimension got added was through intense personal experience. As life’s travails took me through some pretty serious bumps, I discovered meditation, yoga and actively got on a path towards spiritual wellness.

While on this path, which I continue to be on, I stumbled upon an amazing synergy between spiritual and holistic wellness and Indian Classical Music. I realised how symbiotic both were. About 6 years ago, I started noticing the inadvertent yet powerfully transformative impact music was having on many people I was performing for or those that I taught. I started formally structuring wellness for music and now I impart this structured set of techniques as wellness lessons.

Who did you learn from and what were your biggest learnings?

Sometimes life and your responses to it are some of the best teachers. Much as is true with most spiritual realizations, my learnings about wellness, spirituality and music came like a secret book revealing itself to me while going through those tough life patches. It’s amazing how much we think answers lie in books or intellectual learning while all answers actually are already available hidden within yourself.

A powerful push from circumstances followed by submission with humility and patience to the sometimes painful process of self discovery, rewards one with precious gifts. One of the many gifts I have received in this spiritual pursuit is the discovery of how music and wellness are so symbiotic. I hope to continue discovering new truths and continue to impart as much as I can for people out there who need to make spirituality and wellness a much more pleasant process .

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