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Headbanger’s Kitchen releases new episode featuring horror metal band Albatross

If there is anything better than a lot of cheese, it’s music with a lot of cheese.

Known for stealing people’s diet plans along with them demons, host Sahil Makhija brings you another lip smacking treat with a gut busting band in the latest episode of the heavy metal cooking show, Headbanger’s Kitchen

This time, it’s a candid tête-à-tête with the horror metal band Albatross with Uncle Sunny’s Mac & Cheese headlining the interview. The new dish is based on Albatross’s latest single called ‘Uncle Sunny at the Tavern’.

A delectable concoction of good talk and good food, the episode has the band talking about everything from their new EP, collaborations with Andy Larocque (Death/ King Diamond) and Niklas Stalvind (Wolf) and their passion for old school metal. 

“It was quite a challenge filming the new episode because as announced previously the production house Enter Guerrilla that used to produce the show couldn’t continue with us so the entire burden of the film, editing and production was on my shoulders, I know I made a few boo boo’s along the way but I’m getting the hang of this and it will only get better.” commented Demonstealer.

Who is Uncle Sunny? Why can’t Riju make up characters? What is the mystery behind the masked Dr. Hex? What scares the bajeesus out of a horror metal band?

Watch and find out! 

[youtube_video id=iejqfw7fb_k] 

The elusive Dr.Hex was quoted saying “Sahil’s cooking is so awesome that we almost gave up our fetish for human flesh. Well, maybe for a few days…” 

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