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Baba Sehgal, ‘Praji Kunjam Kunjam control’: Song Review

Baba Sehgal has released a new song, Praji Kunjam Kunjam Control, with save the girl child as it’s theme.

When a video starts with misplaced rhyming, you know that it’s going to be of some major godliness potential. 

Baba Sehgal has surfaced after a ten year hiatus (shiatus?) to hit us with a new song which generations won’t be able to recover from. Sehgal, waywardly, has taken a bunch of barely rhyming words put them together in a song, not even in the correct order by the by, and is now trying to shove it up our rear ends in the name of public interest.

Not unlike Jesus, he rested for nine years and on the last day of the ninth year he woke up and decided a song must be thrown at the people. So, with not a lot of brain matter losing, he took up things which individually create a hit- Public interest message, bananas, old people, babies, girl in a gym, and tossed them all together to create ‘Praji Kunjum Kunjum control‘. There are lines so random, so nonsensical (Diabetes lo lo lo? Newton bomb phatting?) that it negates the whole purpose of the idea by making you subconsciously hate girl kids, just because they feature in the song. Also, never has autotune been exploited so much! 

What is up with the awkward lackeys from the gym trying to look like they belong in the video? Where did he steal the baby from? Why would he say that the old lady is wearing a Polka dress when is clearly is not?! Is Polka dot a meaningful metaphor for something? Where do babies come from?!

Listen and weep!

[youtube_video id=vOG8lwnZO6U]

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