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Hark Ye Bands: Contest Update!

Been feeling like there’s nothing left to win? Or lose even? Well, contests are always happening, and so are the musicians who win them. So, here are a few chances for you to put your talent in the shop window.

Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2011

This is a program supported by Red Bull, intended to find promising amateur bands and giving them the sort of professional support that is usually the most critical component lacking in their development.

For more information on how to get there:

Hornbill Nation Rock contest 2011

This touts itself as the biggest rock competition in the country. If the volume of responses and the pedigree of past winners is anything to go by, they might even have a point.

The applications for this year’s contest are now open. To know how you and your band can get to the business end of this contest and closer to the 5 lakh rupees cash prize, log in here:

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