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Happy Birthday Chad Kroeger!

DID YOU KNOW that Kroeger was briefly sent to a juvenile detention facility for repeatedly breaking into his junior high school to steal money?

The bad assery kinda stopped there though. He’s been keeping it as tame & collected as a frontman of a Canadian band (NICKELBACK!) can. Nickelback first hit mainstream with This Is How You Remind Me. Kroeger’s distinctive, throaty pipes ensured a spot for these guys in the long run.

So yes, over the years, what they did was pretty much grunge it up. 

[youtube_video id=-VMFdpdDYYA]

[youtube_video id=BB0DU4DoPP4]

ALLLLLL part of that phase.

Your liver will cringe a little as you blare Nickelback’s latest single, Bottom’s Up, from Here And Now – which is due for release next week. It’s inane & celebrates boozing up way more rowdy than most other party anthems of the season. Yes, we mean Katy Perry & Rihanna and their cheery cocktails (or RedBulls?)

[youtube_video id=PtQWaJnmokA]

But then Nickelback wanted to cater to all the non alcoholics in the house or something which would explain the silencing of the aggressive drunk within.

And this follow up:

[youtube_video id=Lj4NVYtzlQA]

But it looks like they’ve still managed to rub things the wrong way, bipolarity notwithstanding. 

There’s an anti-Nickelback petition doing the rounds sanctioned by the pissed off people of Detroit. The NFL Thanksgiving half time performance is generallly an artist from homeground and nope, it hasn’t gone down well that a non-Detroit born act (NICKELBACK!) will be taking the stage this time round. Feel more rage & get loaded on inconsequential news here

Getting back to the birthday boy though. Chad Kroeger is notable for some solo undertakings too:

[youtube_video id=fQ9nQNx0KEs]

Kroeger owns 604 Records, A Vancouver based record label & has also produced for acts like Theory Of A Deadman, Default & American Idol alumnus, Bo Bice.

[youtube_video id=XcJU6zsNWyM]

Where you can refer to your lady love as a d**k magnet – OH, Canadaaa! 

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