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A Brave and auto-biographical outing by Arunaja, gives us a great tune ‘Uyare’ – Score Indie Reviews

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Comfort Zones are a simple enough concept to grasp; unlike the idea of exploring and pushing boundaries. And so understanding Arunaja’s latest work Uyare is simple enough, yet quite interesting in how it pushes her musicality further ahead.

Being her debut Malayalam single, right off the bat she’s pushing her boundaries and exploring her sound; and also expanding her sonic landscape. Any artist expanding their sounds, makes for a great and interesting experience because we get new music and a new approach to the same artist. Its the same; but different. 

Her song is well written and a simple and stripped down arrangement does justice to the ideas she communicates. While it sticks to a formula, its a great application of it and the result is amazing. The harmonies drizzled all over the song, the well played guitar parts, all work up to be a great experience.

Her vocals are the real icing on the cake. Her voice fits the arrangement of the song like a glove and it creates a brilliant vibe. From a musical perspective, it ticks all the boxes and ticks them really well. 

Talking about abstract ideas can often come off as hippie-poetry. However, when we relate it to a personal experience, it gives it a whole new identity on its own. The ideas of evolution, enlightenment and exploring the boundaries and crossing outside her comfort zone, is filled with lyrical goodness that is relatable to everybody, while being inspiring.

A brave move by Arunaja, resulted in a brilliant sounding tune that is going to leave listeners pleased. She gives us a pleasant sound that is sure to impress, especially for a debut outing of this kind. 

Verdict: Serene, Brave and beautiful.

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