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Gowri Bhat and Derek Mathias dwell on reality checks of growing up with Younger: Score Indie Reviews

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Younger sounds like an ambient alt-pop tune that’s soothing to the sense but it delves on bittersweet truths. As we grow in age, we tend to lose the innocence of our childhood. Our purity and carfree optimism tend to fizzle out as we get older. But well, this is the so-called ‘ultimate reality’ and Younger is a good-enough track to remind us of this passage of time.
Gowri Bhat’s breezy vocals add life to these philosophical themes as Bangalore-based producer Derek Mathias cooks up some transient beats with a hypnotic vibe. The song makes for easy listening despite its deep lyrical content. 

Overall, it’s pretty fluid and effortlessly flows over its duration of 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Often such a duration can be a risk for these days, indie releases are getting shorter and shorter. But Younger emerges successful in holding its audience’s attention for its entirety, without even adding any dramatic interludes or instrumental solos. 

Bhat and Mathias both seem to make for a great team as both of their calming auras do make for some ‘borderline lofi’ material. The theme isn’t the most original thought to ponder about but the reinterpretation of missing the ‘better life’ in our younger days still provides food for thought. There’s a certain hopelessness as well as a sense of acceptance in Bhat’s mature voice. 

Verdict: Coming-of-age can mean breaking away from our former self. This track tends to explore such themes in a calming manner.

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