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Akanksha Sethi’s Thoda Sa Theher is a meditative song on the uke: Score Indie Reviews

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Singer-songwriter Akanksha Sethi’s recent single Thoda Sa Theher serves as a perfect addition to those playlists that feature feel-good acoustic songs with the likes of artists like Anuv Jain. Thoda Sa Theher is a simplistic song that’s easy to charm listeners with its ukulele strumming, whistling, light trumpets, and Sethi’s free and easy vocal style.

Thoda Sa Theher roughly translates to ‘wait a little’ and it makes complete sense as the song does function as a breezy chill pill, providing some escapism from the everyday tussles. 

With all this said, Sethi doesn’t break new ground. The sound seems to be similar to other acoustic indie songs but the hook makes for a catchy standout feature. And despite the slightly derivative elements, the song stands out well on its own and unleashes great potential for her soulful vocals. The lyrics seem to be intentionally simple, and this too goes well with the leisurely-paced soundscape that paints a very merry picture blessed by natural forces like the ‘khula aasmaan’ (open sky). 

While the artist does excel in embracing a soothing tune like Thoda Sa Theher, it would be interesting what Akanksha Sethi’s next project would sound like. With her vocal range, she can experiment with different genres. But till then, you can ‘wait a little’ and continue streaming Thoda Sa Teher. 

Verdict: If you’re into light-hearted ukulele-fronted indie pop, then this is the song for you. 

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