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Giganomics: The business and emotions behind live music in India today

Our writer Mihir Sinha talks about the status of National concerts today, and describes the “Scene”

Standing in the middle of an enthusiastic crowd at any anonymous, memorabiliatoting, live entertainment venue in India today, it’s hard not to feel optimistic. For one, being there signifies you are part of an ever-burgeoning social niche, as India’s middle class expands both in numbers and perspectives. Secondly, thoughstuck in a tiny pocket of mass action, you are sure there are increasingly more ofthese high-octane, joy-fueled establishments paying drunken reverence to liveartistry, and the music isn’t bad either.

Funding gigs at a grassroots level is essential to spreading awareness of local bands and giving everyone a fair push. Professional bands that play for free at huge venues, and charge for smaller ones don’t necessarily aid the music scene at all!

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