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Gig Review: Vice Versa at High Spirits, Pune

They came, they saw and they made us dance like crazy octopuses.

It’s interesting how the underground (everything not Bollywood would be an accurate description in India) music scene moulds our smaller bands. Here they have to step out and play live while their albums support their fan base online. This is real music and what happens here is that we hear music that sounds much better live than off the net. Somehow a lot of bands lack that punch of international grade music, because of the flavor mixers here try to achieve.

However, walking into High Spirits last night was quite the experience. The music I was preparing myself with was nothing like what kicked me in the face during the live. It wasn’t the volume. It was the sound. It was full, it was heavy and it did exactly what it was born to do and that was throwing down tunes that would get a crowd off its ass. 

Vice Versa: mission accomplished.

These guys were nice and innocent. They had tracks, and they came, they saw, they made everyone dance that awesome dubstep spaz dance. I’m telling you, with time, these guys would be an act worthy of a crowd and vibe like the one at the Eristoff stage at the last NH7. Rohit ‘P-Man’ Pereira took centre stage with some mood setting shout vocals, while Manas Ullas, the other half of Vice Vesa laid down some sick drops and some ambiguous highs floating everyone. Harsh (Sky Rabbit) seemed to be enjoying himself thoroughly drumming live with the digital beats Manas was feeding him. Combination: successful; vibe: fantastic. 

So while their music online isn’t as heavy as I would have liked it to be (personal opinion, the roots of my music taste goes back to industrial metal) but their live was everything it needed to be. No one present was sitting still. It’s hard to take photos when you’re body is moving on its own. If these guys are in your area, don’t miss the gig. Get friends, get drunk and enjoy. 

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