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Gig Review :: Fire On Dawson & Something Relevant :: ICT Grounds, Mumbai, Feb 5th – Part 1

 Fire On Dawson and Something Relevant rocked for Child Rights like never before.

We entered the ICT grounds to an angsty scream of “You all are pu****ssss!!” Worried glances were exchanged. As we tentatively took a few steps forward, the perturbed man on the stage, from an alleged metal band, let out another frustrated bellow. Surprisingly, the crowd bellowed with him, so we shrugged and let ourselves get sucked into one of the most eventful gigs we’ve ever been to.

The extremely helpful Rock For A Cause committee members smuggled us to the dark and dingy backstage, filled with musicians of different shapes and hairstyles. On one side, illuminated by the moonlight, Ryan from Something Relevant practiced some lone notes on his saxophone lending an air of melancholy to the area, while on the other, Ankur from Fire on Dawson munched away on a giant sub. 

I liked Eccentric Pendulum the last time we were here” Mused Martin (Bassist, FOD) plopping himself on the table. The angsty man on the stage chose this heartfelt opportune moment to scream “Check amp! Change amp! Sound no!”  Martin like the gentlemen that he was, tried his best to turn his grimace into a polite smile. Not far away Markus (Guitars, FOD), intently warmed up on his guitar, exuding an air of professionalism. There was something so serene about the whole picture, as so many musicians of certain reputation co- existed at that particular time and space for Child Rights. It was humbling.


Before we could get too comfortable on the aforementioned sturdy table and determine just how many mad croc energy drinks could we hide before poor harried RFAC volunteer cracks, it was time for Something Relevant to blow the crowd away.  Women within five miles of their radius screamed in pure unadulterated happiness as they walked onto the stage nonchalantly like the studs that they are. Within seconds they had the crowd purring in pleasure.

They kicked off the set with their classic Tomorrow, one of their first songs. It talks about how you should go the carpe diem way today, as you’ll be working tomorrow. How true.  So we did just that, as there was gig post to go up tomorrow.

[youtube_video id=_aajnLxNSog]

Their music, like them, is effortlessly charming. There’s something so beautifully old school and spontaneous about the way they handle their tunes. They come with cool hats, sultry voices and a general air of fun around them. Hence, it’s no big surprise that their shows have so many women cheering themselves hoarse in various stages of climax. 

They belted some of Something Relevant classics like In the Kitchen, What’s done is done, Aaha and many more from ‘Feels Good 2B Live’, which had the crowd singing along in a frenzy. They promised some feel good music and they delivered just that.

[youtube_video id=4W_wLAc9yic]

The set ended with Love me like you do me– Racy and my personal favourite. During which they winked and nudged and promptly dedicated it to all the women around. These guys have so much game that it’s not even funny.

[youtube_video id=msb_BC9-c84]

When Something Relevant gets off the stage, you’re left with a dazed feeling, like something awesome and of much relevance has hit you on the head repeatedly. But we didn’t mourn for long, as Fire On Dawson was gearing up to go to the stage next. But that’s a story for the next post. Yep, leave you hanging we shall, cause that’s how we roll baby.

Coming up next Was Fire on Dawson as kickass as imagined?


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