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Demonic Resurrection Music Video For You, By You

Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have announced the launch of their first ever fan funded video project. Fans of the band can “pledge” their support (and money) towards the making of a new music video. Only once the target amount has been reached will any money be collected or will the project kick off. 

“The project idea has come from websites like Kickstarter and Pledge Music” said The Demonstealer. “However considering these websites collect funds in dollars and payments are to be made via credit cards, that alienates a large part of our fanbase that might want to support this project but possibly don’t have a credit card. So we decided to run this operation independently”

The band has partnered with local music webzine Indian Music Revolution to run the project, as Lubus, the company that owns IMR, also designed the band’s website. IMR will also host the exlcusive preview of the video once it is completed. 

“We’re not afraid to fail, but we’d like to give this a try. With the current trends in the music industry, it is viable to look towards fan funding. Besides we’re not asking for donations, we’ve created serveral interesting packages for our fans depending on the amount of money they choose to pledge towards this project. I do have faith our fans, they’ve supported us tremendously over the years.” commented The Demonstealer.

Here is a video from DR, for the song ‘The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance’. Give you an idea what you might help make happen. 

[youtube_video id=d1gjrpMF5ak]

Pledges towards the music video can be made at


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