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Get Giggy With It: Nov 17th 2011

Delhi ::

Arcane Deception, BULL ENGINE, Agrath, Zzid  at HRC

Advaita, Them Clones, Deveshi at Poolside, Welcomehotel, Sheraton

The Raghu Dixit Project, Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Stein Urheim  at Turquoise Cottage

Reggae Rajahs, Cali-P & Chiqui Dubs at The Living Room Cafe

B.L.O.T, Mimetic at Circa 1193

Hundred Octane and White Beryl at Blues

Tribute to Jimi Hendrix by The Incredible Mindfunk at The Stage, Manajsa

Artists of Think Floyd, Parikrama, Adviata, Five 8, Mob and Simple Truth at Vapour, Gurgaon

Workshop by Santosh Sharma, Sahil Makhija, Emmanuel De Decker, Jan-Tore Diesen, Ashish Manchanda at Eros Hotel

Pune :: 

Kontraband, Global Unity at Shisha Cafe

Para Vayu at HRC

Chennai ::

Zeb and Haniya at The Music Academy

Coimbatore ::

Ganesh Rajagopalan, Debashish Bhattacharya at Corporation Kalai Arangam

Mumbai ::

Bombay Bassment at Reclamation Promenade

Kultcher at Carter Road, Promenade

Motherjane at HRC

Alisha Batth at Cool Chef Cafe

The Early Set with Rahul Soni followed by Soulmate, Stephanie Thazar at Blue Frog

Nucleya, Delhi Sultanate, Mathias Stubo Band, Vachan Chinnappa at Bonobo

Hyderabad ::

One Night Stand at HRC

Kolkata ::

Tribute to Jimi Hendrix at The Basement

Bangalore ::

Escher’s Knot, Allegro Fudge, Clown with a Frown at HRC

Solder at Cypress

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