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Get Giggy With It – Dec 22nd 2011

MUMBAI :The Early Set with Howard Pereira followed by Spook, The Ungulates at Blue Frog

“If you love the funk, then you’d just fall in love with our grooves. That’s what the Ungulates is all about” – The Ungulates

[youtube_video id=NpR_yemc2Lo]

The Beat Route at HRC

“We are really kicked about playing our latest original ‘Mannequin’. It’s got a trippy feel, with a catchy acoustic riff. We will also be playing our other originals with a mix of some exciting covers. We just can’t wait to get the crowd grooving!”- The Beat Route

[youtube_video id=T6oRviqmwcY]

Galeej Gurus  at HRC

Catch the Galeej Gurus as they sweep you away with some Christmas special pop numbers. Listen, to Nathan tell us about what to look forward to and the mystery behind their name.

[youtube_video id=PggMtXMtwF0]

Agam at HRC

Catch Agam and connect with your ‘Inner Self’. Which is what Agam means.

[youtube_video id=iJiRKIsNKyg]

Francis Lepcha & Bedroom Acoustica at The Basement

Crack open that bottle of wine, sidle closer to your love interest, and leave it to Francis Lepcha to set the mood.

[youtube_video id=mo9iJ0ncvMo]

Green River at Blues, CP

Their music, they tell us, is like a river washing over you.

[youtube_video id=fswDAImwskQ]

Solder and Mad Orange Fireworks at Loveshack

“Screaming guitar licks and reverb laden drum sounds”  of Solder and the “Orange Rock” of the mad Orange Fireworks. There’s no missing this!

[youtube_video id=7azQQdX4quc]

Moonbeans at HRC

An eclectic mix of men and women and genres. Be there as they cover everything from joni mitchell to rolling stones, jack johnson to ColdPlay.

[youtube_video id=HSkHo7lE7Pg]

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