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Gaurav Tophakhane’s Dastaan is energetically snappy: Score Indie Reviews

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Right from its opening seconds, Gaurav Tophakhane‘s new track Dastaan opens with an energetic future-pop sound. The electronic-laden production then complements the singer-songwriter’s romantic lyrics. And one can argue that even better than his vocals are his croons around the chorus and the subsequent drop. Producer Suyash Kelkar also deserves a pat on his back for instantly setting the mood of the track without any dramatic gimmicks. 

The aforementioned chorus is perhaps the catchiest part of the track and makes for a perfect late-night drive. The interlude changes the pace with a hauntingly calming keys portion which is another standout section of Dastaan. Clocking at over three minutes and thirty seconds, the duration is also totally justified and the song is neither too long nor short to make its impact. 

Perhaps the lyrical elements might seem a tad bit too formulaic for seasoned indie pop listeners but the overall ambiance is good enough to compensate for the usual tropes. 

When it comes to recent indie tracks with such dreamy undertones, a cliched acoustic sound had set (with the usual mellow crooning and open chord-strumming). In this oversaturated context, when an electro number drops in every once in a while, it can serve as a breath of fresh air and Gaurav Tophakhane’s new single is a case in point. Overall, Dastaan is an extremely vibey and positive-sounding love song that can offer a refreshing listening session. 

Verdict: An electro-pop number with familiar themes but increasingly catchy production. 

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