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Gaga wasn’t always gaga !

The cookiest, weirdest, most-outrageous images pop up in my head at the mere mention of this diva’s name because that’s Lady Gaga for you. 

But before she became … err … Lady Gaga (c’mon, obviously that’s not the name christened by her parents!), she was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Bet Gaga seems more apt eh :P). It’s hard to believe Gaga was superficially normal too – not that’s she abnormal now, but less of the meat-dress or 12 inch stilettos etc. 

So here’s Stefani Germanotta for you, before and after:

If this metamorphosis isn’t surprising – no, wait – shocking, I bet a million dollars your jaw will drop after watching the following video: 

[youtube_video id=lKfbKIoXn5M#!]

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that is Stefani Germanotta a.k.a. Lady Gaga for you, during ‘a simpler time’. Seems a bit tough to believe after seeing the following : 

This 2006 video goes wayyyy back when Gaga was studying at NYU – she was a brunette, wore relatively normal clothes and basically, someone you probably wouldn’t give a second glance to while walking by. Here, she is performing at The Cutting Room – an intimate music venue in New York City.

So, Gaga wasn’t always gaga – eitherway, that won’t stop us from going gaga over Gaga

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